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Letting Go of the Past

by Dr. Michael Winters

Paducah's Natural Health Doctor

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We're going to talk about how traumatic experiences in your past are directly influencing your health today - and what to do about them.

About this Event

Whether you can look back at one traumatic event in your life or not, there are past emotional events and stresses that stick with you.

So much of health care is focused on addressing physical stress and injury, but there is so much more to deal with.

In this workshop, we're going to talk about how we can identify and address issues from your past that manifest in destructive behaviors, stress, anxiety, and so much more. Dr. Winters will help you understand the root of the issues that are causing symptoms in your life. Then, we'll talk about how to address them safely.

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Organizer of Letting Go of the Past

Dr. Winters and his team at Winters Wellness are focused on a drug-free approach to health that starts with root cause of what is making you feel the way you do. Dr. Winters provides care without the "pop" and "crack" adjustments that worry many people. His gentle care has been healing our neighbors in the area for decades.